Lo Ping Yiu

Customer rating:

Excellent, I will recommend to all my friend.

Ronald Sauer

Customer rating:

Very good hotel and friendly staff!


Customer rating:

Was a wonderful quarantine, everything perfectly organized. Thanks to the whole staff.

Liliane Camenzind

Customer rating:

I had really a nice stay in your hotel and everything was perfect and good organized!! I will recommend the hotel to my friends. Thanks a lot for everything.


Customer rating:

It’s enjoyable staying at the hotel.

Anne Maria Mooij

Customer rating:

I had a wonderful time in The Amaranth hotel even though it was for 15 nights quarantine, a bit long but the staff was so friendly and helpful and the room very comfortable and clean, and with a good book and some games and a good internet connection, time flew by quickly.

Ariane Egli

Customer rating:


This was my second quarantine time in Thailand, and about this experience, I know, that you are really taking care of your guests. Last time I was in a 5 Star Hotel – but YOU are the one who make this quarantine days are really to 14 short and agreeable days. I know I´m a picky eater and 2 weeks without carbohydrates is not an easy thing with the rice based dishes in Thailand. Thank you that you and your team made it possible for me. Thanks especially to the restaurant and to the kitchen!

Thank you to the hole team – to everybody I was speaking or writing was very, very responsive, helpful and friendly.

I will highly recommend your place to everybody who is asking me “where to go for quarantine” – even after this special Corona times I will be sure to show up again and enjoy jour place.

Thanks for everything – it´s an incredible team here at Amaranth Hotel!

Magaret Dong

Customer rating:

Thank you everyone for the nice job. I had a good time here. Already recommend my colleague to come next week.

Thavat Wayru

Customer rating:


Lam Wai Yin

Customer rating:

The overall performance of the hotel is very good. The quality of the food is very high. The most commendable is the spring rolls, which are hot and crunchy when they are served. They are 10 points delicious, but if you choose Japanese food, the rice is relatively small.

Hirt Dominik

Customer rating:

It was a pleasure to stay at your hotel – I felt very comfortable during quarantine. And your staff is excellent all of them!

Maythavee Sa-ardchit

Customer rating:

Very friendly staffs from the airport to the hotel. Thank you very much.


Customer rating:

Perfect place for quarantine

Eugen Volker

Customer rating:

Everything the best

Khun Noi Kluasang

Customer rating:

ขอแนะนำเพื่อนๆ นะคะว่าถ้าใครมาเมืองไทยให้มาพักที่นี่พนักงานหน้ารักทางโรงแรมก็ให้บริการเป็นอย่างดี การกักตัวอาดจะเป็นฉิ่งที่หน้าเบื่อ แต่ถ้าเราหาอะไรทำฟังธรรมะหรืออะไรที่ชอบเวลาจะไปเร็วมากๆในแต่ละวันชีวิตดีๆๆไม่มีขายอยากได้ต้องหาเอาคะ


Customer rating:

Was great and the staff very friendly

Samantha Pettifer

Customer rating:

You have a wonderful hotel with wonderful really helpful staff! Thank you so much and I shall recommend this to all my friends travelling for ASQ

Herbert Waenke

Customer rating:

I experienced a very welcoming and charming staff all I needed was given in due time and with charm, I had a very good 15 days here and you made a quarantine as good as possible, thanks a lot to the hotel and staff. You took a good care of me.

Claude Plattner

Customer rating:

Time flew… nice spacious room with balcony. Hotel staff is incredibly friendly and helpful – everything went really smoothly and was very well organized.

After the first SWAB COVID-19 Test I could leave twice a day my room for one hour each, spending in the garden or at the pool area. In the afternoon live music makes it even more relaxing.

Food was good, nothing to highlight but also nothing to complain about. Good variety of choices from Thai, Japanese and Western cuisine.

The Hotel is definitely to recommend highly

Clint Weston

Customer rating:

Really surprised how much the staff try their best to make everything perfect. Great hotel, Great food and already recommended hotel to friends.

Cherie MacLeod

Customer rating:

This was my chosen location for my 15 nights of quarantine in Bangkok. I couldn’t have chosen better.

Spacious room

Personal balcony

Most time outside in garden of any I looked at following first neg. Covid test.

Really good food, huge selection and frankly too much of it.

Friendly and accommodating staff.

Maria Fredriksson

Customer rating:

This was my chosen location for my 15 nights of quarantine in Bangkok. I am very happy with my choice.

Spacious room

Personal big balcony

Separate shower and bathtub.

Most time outside in garden of any I looked at following first neg. Covid test, I didn’t use it though cause I was so happy just being un my room.

Really good food, huge selection and generous portions. my favorite was the Kao Sai, and the pineapple with fresh ginger juice.

Friendly and accommodating staff on all levels.

Very good hygienic and safety standards.

Philipp Karch

Customer rating:

Excellent Hotel, very tasty food and very friendly staff.

Dale Drury

Customer rating:

I think the staff has made this stay so much easier then I thought it would be. Thank all you are a great job. I appreciated everything all the staff has done here I hop you all stay safe and keep up the good work.

Thomas Pichlmaier

Customer rating:

Thanks for you kindness and hospitality! Happy to stay this difficult 16 days in ASQ with the team from Amaranth Suvarnabhumi!

Michaela Novakova

Customer rating:

Fantastic experience with a great staff. The hotel service is also adapted for children’s needs and requirement. Thank you!

Anand Hadhasan

Customer rating:

Excellent services and best hospitality of any quarantine centers I’ve been to. Thank you!

Chris Vian

Customer rating:

Absolutely amazing hotel. Lovely rooms and excellent food. All the staff are absolutely amazing. Will definitely stay here again and I highly recommend it.

Thomas Leupin

Customer rating:

Best ASQ hotel in BKK. Great rooms, open balcony from first day on, 2x times pool area after 1. Pcr test, super food with a lot of choices. Service impeccable. Price for quarantine good.

Renny Dobbs

Customer rating:

Arrived here for 2 weeks quarantine and the hotel is great. All rooms have balconies – a must have for quarantine. There is a wide selection of food and it is served on time and delicious. Room service is also available. The room is spacious and the bed is comfortable. Wifi is not brilliant but ok for watching Netflix etc. Thoroughly recommend this hotel for quarantine.

Stephan Wüthrich

Customer rating:

ASQ Hotel recommendation. Thai Food is good, professional Organization, friendly staff…

Anis Ansari

Customer rating:

Creatively managed quarantine hospitality! Never felt bored with their exciting services!

Trevor Herring

Customer rating:

Great price for 15 night quarantine. Cracking food with wide choices from Western, Thai, Japanese, Indian and Vegetarian styles. Rooms clean and with a balcony. Staff very friendly and helpful. Never noticed any noise from planes and I’m a light sleeper. Would highly recommend

Anonymous guest

Customer rating:

The quarantine periods flew by Good sixed room with balcony was very comfortable. Great service all round. Room well stocked with toiletries, tea and coffee and condiments. Top ups available whenever required and copious suppliers of bottled water.